School visits

Since 2009, thanks to the sponsorship of Grupo Rey and a strong collaboration with organizations like ProEd, MEDUCA and SENACYT, we have worked to integrate our educational program with Panama’s official school curriculum.

School visits are a great asset to education. Museums and natural parks are living examples of what we want to teach in a classroom, and they help us make strong connections between what we learn and real life.

The Biomuseo tells the natural and cultural history of Panama, starting with our own emergence as an isthmus three million years ago. The science behind this story is the school program's pedagogical foundation, complementing the various curricula and instilling a deep sense of identity.  Any visit to the Biomuseo through the fascinating story told by the galleries will encourage the student to ask, “How do we know that?”

There are two ways in which we have organized school visits. Be aware that one of them is only in Spanish for the time being.

General Visit

We know the benefits of school visits are many and in the hands of a creative teacher educational applications are limitless. The content of our galleries includes a lot of the information that kids form K through 12 grades need to learn. Adding to that content, its architecture, landscape and installations offer a series of sensory experiences of great value to students.

The general visit is that first encounter with the Biomuseo experience. The cost of the visit will include and audioguide in 5 languages (Spanish, English, Portuguese or Mandarin). A teacher who develops his or her own lesson plan will be able to get a lot of mileage out of the visit.

Groups that choose this visit can ask for a short introduction to the museum given by our guides, either in English or Spanish.

Thematic Visit

This visits are lead by our docents, and for the time being are only in Spanish. Teachers will be able to choose from a series of topics that relate the museum’s content to the curricular subjects taught in the classrooms of Panama. Along with these visits there are also detailed lessons that help manage the content and plan field trips. All materials are available online.


If you would like to book a visit through our website, please fill out this form (in Spanish).

If you have any questions regarding bookings, contact our Sales department calling 830-6755 or write To contact the Education department write