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Temporary Exhibits

Gehry in Panama

2 OCT 2014 –  20 JUL 2015

The Biomuseo is the only Frank Gehry creation in Latin America. Although the building's very personal colors and shapes set it apart from the glass towers that define Panama City, the Biomuseo adopts and reinterprets our climate, architecture, and culture. In this exhibition we explore the process of design and construction of the Biomuseo, and its connections with Panama.

It's fascinating to discover that Gehry began the design of the Biomuseo's complex shapes by experimenting with simple wooden blocks. Starting from these basic elements, Gehry Partners built hundreds of additional models — each model more detailed than the previous one — to produce the final shapes of the museum and its galleries.


Giant Sharks and Tiny Camels

2 OCT 2014 –  6 APR 2015

New excavations for the expansion of the Panama Canal, started in 2007, have exposed extraordinarily rich fossil-bearing deposits extending back more than 20 million years. In this exhibition we will explore the fossil discoveries that enable us to know the immense formations of ancient Panamanian environments. The U.S. National Science Foundation and the Panama Canal Authority have supported the study of these formations by scientists from the University of Florida, the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, other collaborators, and a new generation of scientists that is being trained for the future.


The Biomuseo of the future

We still have more stories to tell.

The southern wing of the Biomuseo will soon host three galleries that will make up our second phase. These three galleries, together with our current ones and the Biodiversity Park, will show Panama as an inexhaustible source of amazing places to discover.

The Biodiversity Park will be a living extension of the museum's architecture, its exhibitions, and programs. Each group of plants will have a story to tell: their connections with other species as a source of food and shelter, and the beauty of its flowers and fruits. These stories focus on seven stations, in different shapes and sizes, offering our visitors shade and a place to observe, learn, and celebrate nature.


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