20 May 2016
Foto por Forest and Kim Starr CC BY 2.

“One of the greatest accomplishments of contemporary aesthetics, secretly faithful
 to the ideals of democracy, is the ability of finding beauty and poetry
in nameless individuals, in poor corners, in the mass of destinations
and ornaments that make up the scheme of modern cities”

William Ospina

Some time ago, I was reading about the popular lemon grass (hierba limón, limoncillo in Spanish), and I was curious about how valuable this common, simple plant was for my friends. Therefore, I questioned them by phone, e-mail or directly asked them: What comes to your mind when you think about lemon grass?

4 Dec 2014

The British Guild of Travel Writers' top annual tourism awards were announced recently. The Biomuseo won the Highly Commended recognition within the Wider World Award category.