13 Mar 2017
When I was attending Biology school, I seized every chance I had for saying out loud how the completion of the Panama Canal was a Biology feat, rather than an Engineering one.
By Jorge Ventocilla
10 Feb 2017
"Many little people
In little places
Doing little things
Can change the world"
Eduardo Galeano
It is an unquestionable fact that human beings are capable of making valuable contributions to this world. I would like to focus on one particular contribution: planting trees. Planting trees serves as a reminder that the human drive, even as individuals, is amazingly powerful, and that it can certainly be multiplied. It is better explained through the above quote from Eduardo Galeano.
By: Jorge Ventocilla
16 Jan 2017

The transition between seasons – “winter” and “summer”, which in fact are “rainy season” and “dry season in Panama,” – happens at the same time as these much-anticipated holidays: Christmas and New Year.

Around this time each year we get the dry season, school holidays, “cooler” weather, trips to the beach … seasons change, and everybody cheers up! In this bulletin, we will talk about the dry season, now that it has started.

For years, scientists have stated that tropical environments are more stable and predictable than temperate ones, showing no significant variations throughout the year. Those scientists have not lived here. We all have seen and felt the consequences of the variation in precipitation. We have our own seasonality.


By Jorge Ventocilla

13 Dec 2016

The idea of strong-willed people, people who make the decision of running through large territories, is very appealing to many. The reason: there could be a "peregrine" spirit in them.

In 2008, I heard about a group of “runners” who were coming to the City of Knowledge in Panama. They had started their journey on both ends of the Americas. I want to dedicate this Full Moon Bulletin to the VII Journey of Peace and Dignity (Jornada de Paz y Dignidad: JPD), which gathered almost one hundred people representing diverse cultures and similar ideals from different regions in the continent from November 14 - 17, 2016.  

By: Jorge Ventocilla
14 Nov 2016

“In 1984, I was studying in Spain. My younger brother also went to Spain to study.

During one of those conversations between brothers, I asked him to mention some of the things he missed about Panama.

‘Bugs. There are no bugs here’. That was his answer”. 


By: Jorge Ventocilla

16 Oct 2016


[Or the importance of allowing, and even encouraging, little ones to express their curiosity about tadpoles, fireflies, butterflies, beetles, and other types of bugs, considering this is a tropical, diverse region and not a desert, with all due respect to deserts ]


By Jorge Ventocilla

16 Sep 2016
By: Jorge Ventocilla

“This world is a paradox: in the name of liberty, it makes you choose between the same things, and the same things both on the table or on TV

Eduardo Galeano

Undoubtedly, diversity is a distinctive characteristic of life. It not only serves as an ornament, it makes life possible. For our species, in particular, both biological and cultural diversity are essential.


18 Aug 2016
By: Jorge Ventocilla

I think my devotion to the Gospel and Christian goodness would increase if the holy precept “Love thy neighbor” could be combined with this one:Love the trees

José Carlos Mariátegui

This program is commonly known as “120 a los 65” ( something like “120 at 65”). The title of this newsletter is a paraphrase of the name of this program.

19 Jul 2016

I thought about adding “Goes Unpunished” to the last part of the title because that is exactly what is happening. However, the phrase was too long…

20 Jun 2016

“Once we accept the idea that the soundscape is a valuable source of information — an extraordinary narrative we have yet to decipher — we open up whole new worlds to explore. And if we want to think about our impact on the natural world, then we’d better listen to what the nonhuman vocal organisms are saying in response”

Bernie Krause

As interviewed by Leath Tontino 

The Sun (September 2014)


This Full Moon is very special; it is both Full Moon and Summer Solstice (or Winter Solstice, in the South). There are still people in rural areas, indigenous people mostly, holding solstice rituals every year throughout the Americas. They hold these celebrations as a way of honoring and show how grateful they are to the Earth, the Sun, and to those they call their grandparents: their ancestors. Our thoughts are with those celebrating the solstice. After showing our respect to these individuals and groups, let’s begin with our main topic.